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97' Bizerba FW-N32

97' Bizerba FW-N32

1997 Bizerba Model FW-N32 in a very good used and working condition. The device runs on 400 Volt, year 97, completely stainless steel, enterprise system, workshop checked, ready to use, dimensions B / T / H 55/90/105 cm.


The FW-N 32/98 minces raw, cooked or smoked meat. Even marbled meat – in hot or cold form – bacon, offal, rind and vegetables can be minced.


For Bizerba, mincing of meat instead of squashing it. FW-N 32/98 produces a loose and fluffy volume. The mixture retains its red color due to increased oxygen enrichment. 


Food processing facilities will achieve perfect results and the machines can be cleaned quickly and efficiently

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