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Our Business Operations

Habig Industrial Services (HIS) operates in selling a wide range of used and new food production equipment for processing and manufacture. At HIS, we’re always looking for ways to make food manufacturing and processing equipment purchases easier for all our clients. That’s why we offer our clients purchasing options such as buying the equipment from us outright or leasing it, so that your company doesn’t have to slow down its production schedule just to wait on new equipment. We’re also happy to work with clients big and small and offer consulting services to all of our clients to ensure we can provide the best service possible.


We also pride ourselves on the level of customer service we provide to each of our clients. We take the time to ensure that each piece of equipment we have has been properly refurbished, is in full working order, and is reliable for years to come. To ensure that our clients can feel confident when purchasing from us, we’re always happy to invite our you to our warehouse to fully inspect and test the equipment before and after your purchase to show that everything is in working order. If for some reason a client isn’t able to visit our warehouse for an inspection of the equipment, then we take the time to create videos of the equipment’s functionality for the client so that it can be sent to them.

Our Story

Habig Industrial Services was started by Heiko Habig, an immigrant from Germany that earned his degree in electrical and industrial engineering. After earning his degrees, Heiko was dispatched from the German company he was employed with to work overseas in America for large food and snack companies such as Kelloggs, Blue Bunny, Tyson, and many others. While working at these companies in America, Heiko noticed that all of these companies in the processing industry had a desperate need for used equipment since it was incredibly costly to purchase and wait on entirely new equipment when it was needed. This is when the idea to provide this service came to Heiko.


After spending years of networking and laying out the ground work to purchase used food production machines and refurbishing them, Heiko was finally able to start his own company in order to help companies in this industry reliable and cost saving equipment alternatives.



We’re always ready to make our clients happy. So, if you’re in need of reliable and properly refurbished food production equipment for your company’s production plant, then please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can get you the equipment you need quickly and affordably.

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