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Carton Closer

The Carton Closer machine processes filled boxes made of coated, un-coated cardboard, or corrugated board; in different thickness. The boxes can be sealed by hot glue or hot air. 

A wide variety of closure options can be used on the Carton Closer machine: single-flap closure, three-flap closure or plug-in flap, etc.


Please contact us if you have special or custom machine requirements. 


Carton Closer-1024x176.jpg
  • Flexible customer-oriented solution

  • Future-oriented packaging

  • High product competence

  • Maximum availability

  • Fast format change

  • Easy accessibility

  • IP65 / Washdown

High-Speed Performance Sealer


Length = 70mm to 350mm / width = 70mm to 300mm / height = 20mm to 160mm

Available in different types

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