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PE Door GP200



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Polyethylene PE 500, 15 mm

This PE swing door with its stainless steel hinge is extremely versatile. It complies with very high hygiene standards, is cold and water resistant, hard-wearing and hence ideally suited for use in the food production sector.

Its door leaves and hinges are impact resistant and capable of withstanding the stresses of highly demanding use. This makes them perfect for use in the catering sector, supermarkets and commercial kitchens. Their straight lines and easy-to-clean design also make them perfectly suited for use in leisure facilities, shower rooms, medical clinics and laboratories.

The GP200 PE swing door can also be adapted to meet special requirements or for extra-large doorways, such as, for example, for crane or pipe passageways.

Special Dimension.JPG

Opening angle 2 x 90°


Special dimensions on request


Available Colors

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