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Carton Erector

The technical, practice-oriented concept of our folding box erecting machines offers a variety of possible uses both as a single machine and as a machine within packaging lines. Our machines are customized according to different requirements, formats and services and thus represent a high degree of flexibility. 

The Erector machine converts flat folding carton blanks of different constructions and carton structures into boxes - with and without cover caps. The erected carton falls through the shaft to the downstream conveyor system. The erecting of the folding carton blanks in the machine takes place by means of shaping tools adapted to the blank constructions.


  • Proven machine design with standard components

  • Consistent, optimum carton image

  • Gentle straightening of the carton

  • High availability

  • Fast changeover time

  • little need for space

  • Low maintenance and repair costs

High Performance Carton Erector

Carton Erector.jpg

Hooking / gluing / hot air / carding 60 strokes / minute / raising head

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