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European Stainless Steel European Dump Buggy 400 Lb

European Stainless Steel European Dump Buggy 400 Lb

Looking for a heavy-duty 400lb Stainless Steel European Dump Buggy with an industry standard of DIN9797? 


Look no further because we are selling European Dump Buggies that are intended to ease your food transportation and storage. Our heavy-duty 400 lb stainless steel dump buggy has a reinforced base plate for extra durability and the stainless drip protectors are standard and the ends are sealed. The white poly wheels are in a diamond shape for easy mobility. 


The 400 lb Stainless Steel Dump Buggy is no knock off and weighs 88 lbs and is in stock in our warehouse in Terrell, TX. Bright-polished finishes and comes with white polyamide wheels as standard, other wheels are available for area identification on request. It has a major impact on cleaning cycle times; reducing water, energy, and detergent consumption.


Please call  1-888-422-4448 for availablity


    To keep cost low, we ask our customers to arrange their own shipping that is outline in our shipping policy.

    However, if you need assistance with arranging shipping, please contact us 1-888-422-4448.

    If local, we are even willing to deliver the items for free. Please contact us, we are happy to assist.

    Remember you can also visit us and pick up your order directly from our Warehouse

  • Product Description

    • Dimensions 28X28X28
    • 400 lb capacity
    • Product is assembled
    • Product weight 88 lbs
    • Wheel diameter Inches (4) 6 X 2 Ridgid Casters
    • Wheel Type - Polyolefin
    • Inside height inches 20
  • Pallet Measurement

    The following messaurments are for each pallet with a quantity of 8 Dump Buggies.


    • Lenght: 57 inches
    • Width: 30 inches
    • Height: 88 inches
    • Weigth: 750lbs
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